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rosa teenager. tonight, how one man describes an encounter with the same deputy. >> guilty. the quick decision to convict this teen of attempted murder and the brazen theft of a celebrity sports car. >> and they were supposed to go from a big city to our big city, san francisco. how these passengers found themselves stuck in a town of less than 100. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. new insight into the sheriff deputy who shot and killed a 13- year-old boy. andrea spoke to a man who says the same deputy pulled a gun on him two months ago. andrea. >> i did speak with this man, in fact, elizabeth. the thing is, jeffrey said he wanted to speak out after he realized the connection between his traffic ticket and andy lopez. it was august 21 around 8:30 in the morning when 57-year-old, jeffrey westbrook was car pooling to work on highway 101 when he was pulled over by sanoma sheriff deputy. jeff pulled over and on a narrow shoulder, jeff says he offered to make more room for gelhouse to stand, when a simple traffic stop for failing to use a blinker went sideways.
there in the trivalley and to the delta, 76 in santa rosa and that is slightly below normal and throughout the santa clara valley. tonight with the wind of mixing up the air, not as cold and last night, to 34 degrees at napa. 43 overnight and into santa rosa. here's what you need ton. the winds increase in the overnight hours and tomorrow, the wind-swept blue skies and temperatures come down slightly and this is associated with this here and that area of low pressure and that is moving out of the pacific northwest. the tail end, you will see that today and with that there and now, that is moving out. the winds increase and carve the path for that and that is producing a chance of rain by thursday. hump day, are you ready for football? the raiders, 66 degrees and a about the of a breeze. the forecast, pinpoint outlet, 63, san francisco, a good 5 degrees below normal. pair of sixs in napa, 60s everywhere and 70 degrees and in brentwood, tracy and oakley, when the wind advisory is allowed to expire. the warmest day, the workweek on wednesday and caught up with on thursday with the slight chance of rain
, an attorney for the family of a boy killed by sheriff's department in santa rosa will file a civil rights lawsuit. the suit, which is expected to be filed in san francisco's federal district court, will argue that the shooting was without reasonable cause and in violation of the 4th amendment and 13-year-old andy lopez cruz was shot seven teens after neigh mistook the fake ak-47 for a real assault rifle. >>> a pleasanton man nearly beaten to death is recovering. he woke up from his medically- induced coma. he was attacked by a group of teens in september when he went outside and told them to be quiet. his is no longer life- threatening but he's not able to speak. the investigation is on hold until police can question him. >>> and some b.a.r.t. workers will start off their week tomorrow with a brand-new contract and that is a fresh start after months of bitter negotiations, birthing, and strikes that got trying for the writing public. 88% of the seiu's members, they're usually the janitors and such, approved the new contract on friday. 88% of atu, including staging agents and drivers, vote
in livermore. santa rosa at 44. we have the lack of a wind. san fransisco currently at 53 degrees. today's high cooler than yesterday. 64 in san jose which is down from the average high of 71 degrees. tumbling out of the 70s, 68 degrees for the warmest locations of our inland areas. 42 in napa tonight, mid-40s back in through los altos. you kick start a brand new first week, first full week of november, scattered clouds overnight, cool start for monday. you'll need the light jacket. sunshine, tad warmer. numbers will go up and back down. the clouds we saw that caused the halo effect around the sun, right there, that batch right there, those are the clouds at the tail end of an area low pressure that breezed through the area yesterday kicking up our winds. those winds did subside sews that wind advisory allowed to expire. the clouds and the area of low pressure drifted in over the bay area. it is tumbling out of the gulf of alaska and there is a slight chance of rain showers locally. most of the rain will be here to the north. and we had just have the cloud cover. for your monday, 61 degrees in
around 74. santa rosa in the lower 60s. san francisco at 57 degrees. wow, an awfully cool day. no recovery on tuesday, but we do take out some of the clouds. we'll be calling it partly sunny bit afternoon hours, transition day on wednesday as high pressure will be filling in for thursday and friday and then we introduce a few clouds over the weekend. with halloween, 52 to 62 by the time the kids hit the streets for all their trick or treating plans, but it will be cloudy, it -- cloudless, it will be clear. >> yes, looking forward to that, i am. thank you so much. >>> well he took a walk on the wild side to take the entire generation with him. >>> remembering the voice of the rock 'n' roll revolution coming up next. ,,,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can female narrator: the mattress price wars are on the mattress price wars are on at sleep train. we challenged the manufacturers to offer eve
early. it will be a two-dog night. 40 degrees. santa rosa, 37. 42 in san rafael. 42 for fremont. 42 for liver more and the 40s for mountain view and san jose. by the time the kids are out trick or treating, the weather will be milder. it should be a mainly clear and chilly evening. i remember sunset on halloween is 6:12. let's talk about what is going on. big area of low pressure that gave us the wind on sunday, gave us sierra snowfall on monday and now today, we had some clouds in the morning, but clear out efficiently. we'll keep that northerly influence. that flow coming down from canada tomorrow. as we transition away from high pressure or low pressure and toward high pressure, it will be a chilly day tomorrow, but sunshine from start to finish. a cold start, a brisk afternoon, but mainly sunny skies throughout the day. then on thursday, halloween, and for the several days thereafter, it's about high pressure. it's sinking air giving us lots of sunshine. it will be milder and staying in the 70s for three days and that will get here on sunday. sunny but chilly tomorrow. and the n
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6